authors use different text structures to

In this lesson, students will explore ways authors use text structures to convey meaning. Students will: analyze nonfiction text structures and explain how ideas are developed. demonstrate understanding of nonfiction text structures through oral presentation. explain the relationship of text structure to author's purpose.
In this lesson you will learn how to understand an author's purpose by thinking about why the author chose a particular text structure.
This strategy helps students understand that a text might present a main idea and details; a cause and then its effects; and/or different views of a topic. Teaching ... Introduce and model using a graphic organizer to chart the text structure. To use the text ... Model the writing of a paragraph that uses a specific text structure.
Different structures exist to support narrative and expository genres, but all text structures include a beginning, middle and end. Beginnings, often referred to as leads, help ... writers. The link included this month connects to an resource that details text structures commonly used for writing. Nonfiction Text Structures.
Text features help the reader make sense of what they are reading and are the building blocks for text structure (see below). ... Glossary: Helps you define words that are in the book; Graphics: Charts, graphs, or cutaways are used to help you understand what the author is trying to tell you; Illustrations/Photographs: Help you
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example of a particular text structure, have them write using that same text structure. Writing can be done as a pre-reading or post-reading strategy. 15. Rewrite a paragraph or passage using a different text structure than the original. Compare the two and analyze why the author might have chosen the original pattern. 16.
Author uses comparisons to describe ideas. Similes, metaphors, and analogies are used. Description: Sensory details help readers visualize information. Directions: How-to-texts frame the information in a series of directions. Readers experience a variety of text structures. They select specific comprehension strategies that
pursue different purposes. ... This is commonly used used to view text file like notepad. please let me know if this is not enough. ... The organizational pattern an author uses to structure the ideas in a text (eg cause/effect, compare/contrast, description, problem/solution, sequential, goal/action/outcome, …concept/definition,

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